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Among the leaders of rap songs in the Usa is Master P. He’s the current CEO and president of the Better Black Television. Starting out as a gangster rapper, P is currently an activist and among the wealthiest Black Americans on the planet. Master P Net Worth was also the creator of the popular No Limit Records. In addition, he founded the P. Miller Enterprises which was dedicated to amusement.

Master P Wiki
Born Percy Robert Miller, Master P was first born and bred in Calliope Projects, New Orleans. He acquired his high school education in just two colleges – Booker T. Washington High School & Warren Easton High School. From that point, he continued into the University of Houston within a athletic scholarship with played his high school soccer team. But only a couple of weeks in his first year, he fell out and moved to Merritt College, Oakland, California to study business management.

Much like most black rappers, Master P started out to a low-level. After his grandpa died, Miller obtained $10,000 as an inheritance by a statute. The wise boy used the money to start a record home in California. This was once the No Limit Records was founded. P utilized the studio to record his debut record. The record label was one of the very rewarding during the 90s registering the likes of Snoop Dogg.

Rap Career
Master P began his rap career by means of a rap group named TRU group. P did not create an impressive progress together he went . His solo career became quite powerful, his”Make Em Say Uhh” was a favorite immediate hit.

In 98, P listed Da Last Don record which became very profitable. The record that’s ranked as the top of his profession went platinum four occasions, thus earning a great deal of money. Master P is called among the heavyweights of southern hip-hop, he’s also one of the few individuals who brought the South design from the rap industry.