LBDs that you can wear for New Year parties!

Of course, you’re preparing to start your year with a bang – loud music, rocking party, a bunch of friends and your gorgeous look. Are you ready? Are you done ruffling your wardrobe to find the perfect party material? If you haven’t got your match even after so much effort, get back to the all-time saviour – that pretty little black dress. Black always saves the day, and it’s the last resort every time we don’t know which colour to pick for an event! Don’t you agree? In the same fashion, if you’re not at all prepared and clueless about what to wear for the upcoming New Year’s party, we recommend you pick a Li’l Black Dress A.K.A. LBD! LBDs can make you ready for every party and every event. So, when nothing works, let the LBD spread its glamour and make every person in the party stop and stare.

Now when it comes to LBDs, there are many picks. No point is denying that LBDs are something that look good in every design and every cut. But when it comes to make a choice, you want to pick the best one. If you’re confused and want some suggestions, here we have some of our favourite picks of LBDs. Although each of these is beautiful and one of a type yet you can choose one according to your taste and preference. And use CAT Workwear coupon codes while shopping to get discounts.

  • When you want all eyes on you, you can’t miss out on this piece. Everything about this dress adds up to your sexy look and make your party ready. This dress has a neckline that has the power to grab eyeballs at any party. And when you’ve got that perfect figure, why not flaunt it? All you need is just a thin black belt to put it around your waist. We hope you can already imagine what difference it will make to your look!


  • An LBD that would make sure all heads turn towards you is this one. It perfectly flaunts your figure and gives the ultimate party look. It is the perfect example of “little” black dress and gives you a chance to showcase your long, sexy legs (after all, they are the essential part of your sexy look, isn’t it?) It also has frills-like-layers around the waist that gives it a very girly look. Just a pair of high heels and a classy clutch to accompany you and you’re all set for the upcoming new year party! Not only the New Year party, but this LBD can help you rock many such parties. A must-have in your closet we must say!


  • Do you prefer class along with style and charm? If that’s the situation, then it is the perfect piece that you, and anyone like you, would crush upon for all parties. It is stylish in a casually calm and relaxed manner, and you need not make an extra effort to look good. Very few outfits can offer smartness with a partywear look, and this is one of them! What else? It would also keep you warm during the night. So, no more carrying jackets to feel warm while returning home! Looks very elegant, right?


  • This straight cut flute sleeve dress is another style that you can pick for the New Year’s party. The fluted cuffs are a style statement on its own and are high in demand these days. So, follow the trend and stay fashionable while you rock the party look. What we like the most about this dress is its back which makes it a sexy choice. The dress is perfect for other events as well, and we highly recommend this pick!


  • Since velvet wear is trending right now, why not bring the trend to the LBDs as well? Well, this dress fulfils your wish. Now, you can also top the fashionista’s list this new year’s party by wearing a velvet LBD! The style of this piece is beyond perfect, and the front look is wow! The V-neckline, long sleeves, gorgeous front look, velvet ruffles and the peplum touch to the dress altogether make it a complete package for a fashionista like you. What else would you ask for to add all the drama?

Black is timeless and will never disappoint you. When you can’t choose your new year party dress, shop for an LBD. It has been in trend for decades, and we don’t see any end to the class and style that it offers. Moreover, you can wear and re-wear an LBD for any occasion!