How Do SEO Find Information?

Do you really know how a these search companies like Google and Yahoo really operate? If you are like millions of people you probably type in into the search box of Google and Yahoo what you are looking for and take what it gives you. Most people will click on the one of the links in the top 10 searches and let the other thousand search suggestions fall to the wayside Cantineoqueteveo wiki. Let’s explore at how things pop into the top 10 of search results and let’s look at why the large search engines pick these items to be in the top 10.

Before we go any farther lets put the myth that search engines are bias. All web based search compaines even the giants like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are not biased; they keep a very competitive edge and for the most part offer high quality search results for the customers. If they were bias then they would lose in ranking because the public would look elsewhere for their searches.

Search engines come in three different forms. The first is powered by (web crawlers, spiders, robots).This is one form of searches are done. The websites are crawled over like a spider weaving a web and search for special key words and Meta tags and links. The information is gathered and brought back to the web site file for indexing the information. Periodically the robot crawlers go back to the site looking for new information to put in the file for the web site. By updating the site helps keep the crawlers active and finding information to help rank your web site.

Human based search engines operate by humans when information is submitted manually and then the information is catalogued and indexed for all the search providers that the individual submitted them too. No web based crawlers are used in this case.